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Metal Wall Art Ideas For Every Room In Your House


just about each wall in our domestic that has something ornamental on it has at least one metallic accessory.

metal is in order that rustic… and bold… and adds some other dimension to home redecorating. It’s now not flat and a couple of-dimensional like most other components of art and domestic decor. steel is three-dimensional and provides a stable, undying feel to the gap.

Following are some of the metal-accented pieces of art that have made their way to the walls of my home.

ghar ko sajane ke tips

Simple, Metal Wall Art Flower Trio

My newest addition is this Horse metal hanging wall decor wall art display.

Still, they’re a sweet accent for this space between our master bathroom and our walk-in closet (his stuff is on the right, my stuff is on the left).

I like the fact that they’re handmade, so no 2 are exactly alike. And I also like that they’re shiny (or rather, glossy) and metallic — so you get Multi cool textures in one wall display.

Ghar ko sajane ke tips

The second recent addition is this custom metal welcome plate 

This piece of wall art is rustic and a little rough around the edges


— which is exactly why I like it.

You can choose the word or phrase, even the colors, and some other details when you speak with the designer before ordering.

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