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Multicolor Wrought Iron Human Figurine Set of 2

22,398.88 16,070.88

Brown Iron Budda Tree Wall Hanging Handmade with LED

26,632.48 16,016.00

Big Seven Running Horses With Sun and Back Light

20,816.32 15,008.00

Multicolor Wrought Iron Human Figurine Showpieces Set of 3

16,798.88 11,534.88

Antique Brown Metal Horse Wall Hanging Art

12,096.00 9,339.68

Gold Iron Big Flower Metal Wall Art

15,650.72 9,038.00

Seven Lucky Galloping Horses Sunrise With LED Lightings

17,622.00 8,399.00

Ring Ganesha Musician With LED God Wall Decor

10,640.00 8,198.40

Godwin Tree Wall Art

11,499.00 7,990.00

Curtain of Sea Shells Metal Wall Art Panel

14,558.88 7,838.88

Multicolor Metal bike with watch wall hanging decor

11,198.88 7,838.88

Big Metal Ganpati God Wall Art With Led Light

14,484.96 7,754.88

Choose from an exquisite collection of home decoration items online from A realistic, true depiction of real-life objects, contemporary, simple and minimalist, elaborately designed – these are characteristic features of our metal décor items.

Some of the choicest items that you would love to adorn your living room walls are:

  • 3D horse metal wall art on brown or blackboards. These wall arts are equipped with LED lights that add magnificently to the ambiance of your indoors. The horses are all in the galloping mode and remind of a battle-field from a bygone era.
  • Antique and old metal bikes that infuse a vintage and nostalgic look to your place.
  • 7 Plates of metal wall art is a unique display of creativity and looks absolutely gorgeous.
  • The antique brown metal horse is another exemplary piece of artwork – one that you would be proud of owning.
  • The metallic tree wall art is also equipped with LED backlights, lighting up your place eloquently and profoundly.

There are many – hundreds of such delicately-made home decoration items online at Kraphy. Every single piece from our online store is an example of months of hard work and dedicated creativity. Our fruits of labor become your proud assets, one that adds finesse to your home and surroundings.