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Our Journey to KRAPHY

As a local legend goes, a “Home Decor Manufacturer & Exporter” named Suresh Rankawat lived in Jodhpur (Suncity of Rajasthan). He was proficient in his job sketching and drawing and spend his days doing sketching and drawing. One day he is drawing something and he draws a picture of wall decor product (Unique and beautiful). That picture change his life and he uses his creativity as a businessman and he started a company named “KRAPHY”. KRAPHY is a short version of “Crafts & Physical” because Suresh Rankawat loved to design decor items in face of animals. (It will be home decor, garden decor & wall decor). KRAPHY is established in 2005 located in Jodhpur. KRAPHY have own products designing unit also manufacturing it’s that means KRAPHY sell their product in reasonable price so everyone can afford it.